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9.0 / 10

(based on 5 ratings in 2016)


"It's a very shallow hierarchy and there are no unnecessary managers. We don't work in set groups but cooperation is easy and available when required. Socialising is very good and actively encouraged."
Midlevel, Exeter
"The atmosphere in the office is great – everyone is really friendly and it feels like a real team effort. There are regular social events in the office and loads of opportunities to do sports and activities – there's always something going on!"
Graduate, Exeter
"Teamwork is excellent. There is a really refreshing culture of communicating everything with your teammates so that they are aware when you need help. As such, the social side is very good as you get to know people very quickly. The structure is clear and I knew early on where to go for my various queries."
Midlevel, Exeter
"There could be more frankness. The organised socialising can sometimes feel a little forced."
Entry level, Exeter


"The culture in the building is great. Sparx is a very flat company with minimal hierarchy. Everyone is a valued member of the team, and teamwork is a crucial part of day-to-day work. Everyone gets along well, both in and out of work. There are regular social events, such meals out, BBQs, trips to the pub, kayaking and walks on Dartmoor."
Content Scientist, Exeter
"Sparx is not shy at creating a friendly, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. All departments and staff work closely and socialise together regularly. Sparx often hosts events, celebrating both personal and work occasions."
Sparx Content Scientist, Exeter
"The structure/hierarchy is well defined. I believe that more full-time high-level management in the office would help to mentor the young middle management team. The cooperation and teamwork are both top quality - there's a real team spirit. Socials are a regular occurrence too - some are organised by Sparx, some not."
Content Scientist, Exeter
"The whole company is very close, anyone can (and does) chat with anyone else. Ideas can very rapidly make an impact without being impeded by bureaucracy. We feel like a cohesive team and recognise that we're always working for the common good, not against each other. We socialise extensively outside of work, both at company organised events and more spontaneously."
Content Scientist, Exeter
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