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"You're expected to create and drive your own work and tasks in many ways. If you're not used to it, it can be difficult."
Midlevel, Exeter
"You are given a lot of responsibility, possibly more than you're ready for, relatively early on."
Graduate, Exeter
"Periods of quiet when you're waiting for new things to be working on."
Midlevel, Exeter


"There's never a quiet day, so if you're having an off day there's nowhere to hide. That said, this is generally a good thing, as you never get bored and there is always a new challenge."
Content Scientist, Exeter
"There's always lots to be done in my role so there's rarely a quiet day in the office!"
Content Scientist, Exeter
"If something goes wrong, which it can when you test and develop as rapidly as Sparx, it's all hands on deck and that can require some long hours from staff."
Sparx Content Scientist, Exeter
"I do not feel that taking on more demanding roles and responsibilities is recognised in terms of job title changes or pay reviews."
Content Scientist, Exeter
"Everyone cares so much about what we deliver that working days can get longer in the run up to big deadlines."
Content Scientist, Exeter
"Working to the immovable deadlines of school terms can be difficult."
Content Scientist, Exeter
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