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"The good range of perks and impressive office facilities."
Midlevel, Exeter
"I was picked up via a very competent recruitment agency who were able to give me good insight into how the company worked as well as its values and staff. The assessment day was well planned and thorough and the people involved were friendly and professional. All of this showed me that I would be like to work there."
Midlevel, Exeter


"Having seen Sparx during my internship I knew that I wanted to work here. The work they do was something I didn't think I could do - work in education without being a teacher. The team were very friendly even when I was intern so I knew it was a place where I would enjoy working."
Content Scientist, Exeter
"Sparx originally caught my eye as I was idly walking through stalls at a careers fair. I had a short chat with the people at the stall and then looked online. That was enough to pique my interest, so I sought them out at future careers fairs, and the more I asked, the more I was convinced that I would like to work for Sparx. I also felt that I could grow and do well there."
Sparx Content Scientist, Exeter
"The data/education/maths/computing mix was what I was looking for in a job. The South West location was a plus for me too, and encouraged me to apply here in particular."
Content Scientist, Exeter
"I felt that the company offered the chance to do something important and useful, rather than working for the sake of working."
Content Scientist, Exeter
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