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Interview: Tips & Advice


"In preparation for the interview, have solid examples of when you have delivered great service, negotiated a deal or overcome objections. I would also recommend that you do a lot of research into the company and the actual role itself and what it involves."
Graduate, London
"Research lots about the company and know about us and the role we are recruiting for."
Executive, Ealing
"Confidence is key. Be willing to ask questions, be willing to take part. Having no previous experience in the industry is nothing to worry about. The training is great and enjoyable. The interview is to get to know you and see if you have the right attitude, not if you have read all the legal aspects of lettings - you can be taught these."
Graduate, Fulham
"Be honest; the interviewer wants you to do well but they also just want to make sure you are right for the job and that, should they hire you, you will enjoy it and will be motivated to work hard."
Graduate, London
"Try to show that you really want the opportunity. Be bright, enthusiastic and communicate well. Show you have researched the company and can demonstrate how you would fit in the culture. Think about why you want the role and what you think you could bring to it."
Experienced, Colchester
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