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8.8 / 10

(based on 32 ratings in 2014)


"Swiss Re has a very international flair but still stands for a Swiss way of working. The company is aware of many people moving around the globe in order to take on tasks and provides a huge variety of after work opportunities, such as sports facilities, discount on cultural events, etc. Furthermore, the employees also embrace the opportunity to socialise in the evenings over a drink."
Graduate, Zurich
"The culture is very good, there is formally a hierarchical order but in the daily work you cannot feel the hierarchy. People are all treated equally. Colleagues are friendly and open. There are opportunities to make a lunch appointment with colleagues of various areas and to network."
Graduate, Zurich
"The culture is friendly. Hierarchy is not particularly prominent. There are many great chances to network within the company and to see other lines of business. It is encouraged to ask questions whilst on the job."
Graduate, Zurich
"Interaction with people with different background, culture ideas with the common goal of achieving the best outcome possible for the Company. Possibility to socialize with colleagues after work with ad hoc events, sport events, spontaneous meetings."
Graduate, Zurich
"Very open and fun culture. There is a good team spirit during work and also during after work activities. Hierarchical structures are quite lean although there is some room for improvement."
Graduate, Zurich
"Culture in my team is very good: very flexible, linear approach to management, high level of communication and interaction. On location level (Munich) the cooperation is somewhat lower and socialising is rather hard as I am non-German and younger than most of my colleagues."
Graduate, Munich
"The company's open offices enable open communication. Colleagues on all levels are very approachable, especially for lunches together (unique lunch culture). Lots of possibilities for after-hours social events and sports, completely optional."
Graduate, Zurich
"The culture is relatively informal and nearly everyone is easily approachable. It is very easy to get to know lots of people fast - internal networking is strongly encouraged. Lots of different official and unofficial after-work activities (e.g. different sports teams, cultural events) make it easy to socialise."
Graduate, Zurich
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