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"The company almost went bust in 2009."
Graduate, Munich
"The headquarters in Zurich are built on a part of land at lake Zurich that used to be within the lake. Rocks from the construction side of the Saint Gotthard Tunnel have been used to create this part of the city."
Graduate, Zurich
"Swiss Re has one of the best 'firm restaurants' in Zürich."
Graduate, Zurich
"The global working language is English, and therefore it does not matter if you do not speak the local office language. This is great to attract international candidates."
Graduate, Zurich
"They have a great sport facility, lake view offices, and are 150 years old. A cyclical business that tends to move opposite the economy."
Graduate, Zurich
"The official founding document of the company has the signature of poet Gottfried Keller on it."
Graduate, Zurich
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