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Interview Process

7.9 / 10

(based on 32 ratings in 2014)


"Having submitted your CV and a cover letter there is then an interview with your to-be line manager, the recruiter and possibly another member of management asking a variety of questions covering areas such as knowledge of the industry, past experience and your education. Finally there is an assessment centre in Zurich for two days consisting of tasks such as group work and presentations."
Graduate, London
"For every graduate's position, there is a lot of international competition. The hiring process includes online tests, interviews, and a two-day assessment centre."
Graduate, Zurich
"The interview process depends on the position you are applying to. For me it was as follows: online tests (numerical & verbal), a round of six interviews (for three hours), and then an assessment centre (for two days)."
Graduate, Zurich
"Interview based on problem solving as well as social skills followed by a rigorous assessment centre including mathematical, analytical and presentation skills assessment. Strong focus on problem solving skills."
Graduate, Munich
"Online application and short quantitative test: very similar to many other companies. One/two interviews, usually by phone: friendly setting, one-hour long, HR + manager(s). Final assessment centre: great unforgettable experience, half-day for networking."
Entry level, Zurich
"For graduate position there were online tests, an interview and an assessment centre (which lasted two days and consisted of multiple tasks, tests and a presentation)."
Graduate, Munich
"Online numerical test just after application followed by an interview on the approx. Top ten applicants en lieu the next month with quick feedback and an invitation to a two-day assessment centre for the top two candidates to be assessed on various test on both soft and hard skills."
Graduate, Zurich
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