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Interview Questions


"I was asked: why are you interested in reinsurance? What do you know about the industry and our company? Can you give us any relevant statistics on our company? There were also other questions on my background and CV."
Graduate, Zurich
"I was asked general questions about my degree course (i.e. what did it involve?), what I like to do outside of work, what do I know about reinsurance, when had I worked as part of a team, strengths and weaknesses, etc."
Graduate, London
"I was asked a variety of questions, ranging from a description of my diploma thesis and my knowledge of the company and my reasons for my application to questions of how I could relate my hobbies and the professional environment."
Graduate, Zurich
"I was asked: "What do you know about Swiss Re? Why Reinsurance? Why this particular program and role?"."
Information Technology, Graduate, Zurich
"One question I was asked was as follows: "A new iPad has been announced. What sales number do you estimate for Switzerland?"."
Graduate, Munich
"The questions in my interview were about my experiences in working with other people, about my way of learning at university, how I imagine my future job, how I handle difficult situations."
Graduate, Zurich
"I was asked about my motivation, expectations and future outlook on my career; as well as discussing my prior work experience in detail."
Graduate, Zurich
"I was asked to explain my understanding of reinsurance and the main factors that influence the cost of reinsurance contracts. What my typical day at work would look like. If there was something I had told myself not to share in the interview. How many turns the seconds arm went around the clock in a day."
Graduate, Zurich
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