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Interview: Tips & Advice


"In the interview be yourself. Show your softer side (not necessarily the 'I wanna be future CEO' side), show willingness to learn and cooperate."
Graduate, Munich
"Do not show off, they are not looking for investment banking people."
Graduate, Zurich
"Learn about the position/team within the company. Be honest and ask questions during interview."
Intern, Zurich
"Read about the company on the internet. Do not spend time preparing answers for questions like 'describe yourself in one word', etc. Prepare for questions like 'where did you encounter difficulties in your professional life and how did you deal with them'."
Graduate, Zurich
"Do your homework, spend some quality time in understanding the sector and the company. Study/read the company strategy and annual report. Be ready to justify why them, you and the fit."
Information Technology, Graduate, Zurich
"Be prepared to be unprepared. The main focus of the application process is how you handle the situation rather than how 'well' you answer standard questions. Problem solving and analytical thinking, combined with a good touch of social and soft skills should do it!"
Graduate, Munich
"Be well prepared and be yourself. Be open-minded, maybe the interview will take you somewhere you were not expecting before the interview. Our company is big and therefore you will find a wide range of positions, diversity is encouraged so do not be afraid if on paper you do not fit perfectly. It is more about what you want to achieve, your ability to adopt and learn and how open you are to new things."
Graduate, Zurich
"Prepare good cases to describe what, when, how you solved problems/dealt with difficulties/faced new challenges and experiences. On a technical side, just be prepared to work in groups and to use common sense, always. Be yourself, do not try to act in the different tests of the assessment centre."
Entry level, Zurich
"Be honest, assertive and open minded. Arrogance is a no go in this company."
Graduate, Zurich
"Have a basic knowledge of the position you are applying to. Reach out to people already working at the company for information. Be yourself, it's not only about knowing the job but also seeing your character and if you would be a good fit to the team."
Graduate, Zurich
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