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8.8 / 10

(based on 31 ratings in 2014)


"We have a very nice office building in Munich. The dress code is business casual."
Graduate, Munich
"The office is an open space. The dress code depends on your function - the more client facing and closer to top management you are the more formal."
Graduate, Zurich
"Very modern and high quality facilities (IT, desk space, parking, restaurant, etc). Most offices are in prime locations. Dress code very variable per location: HQ is quite formal (e.g. suit or jacket) whereas other offices are more casual (e.g. shirt and jeans). Large variety per office as well, mainly depending on seniority and whether client-facing role or not."
Graduate, Zurich
"Swiss Re has top notch equipment but as modesty is within the companies genes, the offices do not appear to be very impressive from the outside. The dress code depends on the field of work. Personally, I wear a suit but no tie."
Graduate, Zurich
"The dress code is very up to the single employee. You are free to dress as you want, even with a t-shirt, if you do not have meetings. Of course, the great majority of men wear suit, but tie is all but mandatory: it really depends on the team you are on. Office locations and facilities are simply great."
Entry level, Zurich
"Nice central locations in the big cities. In the office you have space and all facilities you need. You also have different service functions there to support you if any trouble."
Graduate, Zurich
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