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8.7 / 10

(based on 32 ratings in 2014)


"Very attractive salary. However, salaries within the company sometimes are not differentiated enough across functions and performance."
Graduate, Zurich
"Very generous, although pay can be very different depending on what region you are in."
Graduate, Zurich
"The companies pays above the average. The bonus depends on your performance, the performance of your team and the whole company."
Graduate, Zurich
"We have a market competitively salary. And when taking into considerations the different benefits the company provide I would say I am very satisfied with my salary. Compensation time, lunch, bonus, etc. contribute to this impression."
Graduate, Zurich
"As entry level salary, it can be considered very good, even in Switzerland, and even in Zürich. Not aware of how career progression translates in compensation."
Entry level, Zurich
"Level of salary is comparable to peer companies (financial services sector), bonuses are above average."
Graduate, Zurich
"Salaries are above average. Could be slightly higher at Munich location in comparison with other locations - as the taxes added to the pension and medical insurance go up to 40% and bonuses/extras are taxed 50%."
Graduate, Munich
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