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Satisfaction with Work

8.9 / 10

(based on 32 ratings in 2014)


"Depending on the time of year the day-to-day work can vary. At the busiest time of the year this may involve underwriting during the renewal season using software tools to generate a premium to be charged to insurers for reinsurance coverage."
Graduate, London
"My job involves the statistical assessment of probable expected loss for portfolio of large German insurers. This is fun team work involving many interactions every day."
Graduate, Munich
"I am responsible for internal costing tools from the business side, tools development, helping users and running tests on these tools."
Graduate, Zurich
"I am part of a team whose main responsibility is to monitor and analyse the groups largest losses. This means on daily basis I work on the natural catastrophes you read about in the news. We handle the data and coordinate so the group will have a globally shared view on the event."
Graduate, Zurich
"Cyclical workload: exciting but demanding pace during four months, quiet but still challenging the rest of the year. Have been given reasonable, but important responsibility since day one."
Entry level, Zurich
"I am responsible for assessing the expected loss of different reinsurance covers for a specific market and putting a price tag on them."
Graduate, Zurich
"Everyday there are different activities, different deals going through my hands. My responsibilities are to work towards fulfilling our team's goal and supporting other in doing so."
Graduate, Munich
"My work includes analysing the portfolios submitted by clients, assessing its risk and costing reinsurance contracts."
Graduate, Zurich
"I work on different strategic topics on a project basis; prepare analyses and presentations for upper management meetings; collect and distribute information on our main competitors."
Graduate, Zurich
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