Teneo Consulting

What is your background?

I grew up in France and that is where I undertook my undergraduate studies. As part of these, I had the opportunity to study and work in Beijing and New York. I also did two six-month internships in Strategy and Finance in Paris, which I feel helped me a lot in my understanding of “the basics” of corporate life. After that, I studied for a postgraduate Diploma in Finance at LSE, and that is when I heard about Credo. 

What made you pick Credo?

I was impressed with the way that Credo managed the recruitment process, placing a strong emphasis on the personal aspects of the fit. I genuinely enjoyed meeting each Credoite during interviews, and I really appreciated the way that I had opportunities to meet consultants in more informal settings throughout the process. I went to the ‘Introduction to Strategy Day’ which gave me a very positive view of the company, its values, and the way it cares about its employees. Just under a year into the job, I am absolutely confident that these first impressions have been right and that I made the correct choice by picking Credo.

What are the best bits?

I find my job extremely rewarding on a day to day basis. Even at a junior level, you have an opportunity to make a difference with your work. I find that everyone at Credo is very willing to spare the time to help you out if you need to, which means you learn very quickly. There is a huge variety of opportunities in this job, including international travel. For example, I have recently had the opportunity to go back to France to work on a project that involved comparing operational models across various European locations and identifying best practice transfer opportunities for a vending machines operator.

How’s the work/life balance?

As at any strategy consultancy, workloads are variable and one has to be prepared to show some flexibility in busier periods. However, I know from friends in other consultancies that it is much better at Credo than elsewhere – spending long nights in the office or working during weekends are absolutely not standard for us. The company works hard to make life at Credo a sustainable long-term option.

What have been your most interesting projects?

I worked on a revenue optimisation project for a toll road in the UK, which required understanding key market trends, segmenting the customer base and modelling price elasticities. It was a very interesting project which required quite a significant depth of analysis. Getting my mind around a totally new industry was both challenging and very stimulating.

What do you wish you’d known about consulting and Credo whilst you were applying?

When I had to make a choice about which consultancy to go with, although I definitely felt the strongest fit with Credo, I was a bit worried that the size of Credo would not make it as strong on my CV as a bigger name in the industry. Looking back on it, I actually feel that a smaller company is a much better environment to work. I get more responsibility and enjoying my daily work environment and my social life for at least some years of my life is much more important!