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Career Prospects

7.8 / 10

(based on 8 ratings in 2016)


"If you perform, it is easy to be promoted every couple of years. There is also seniority attached to tenure."
Consulting, Graduate, London
"Fair, challenging and rewarding."
Consulting, Graduate, London
"Clear and transparent career progression."
Consulting, Midlevel, London


"It takes about two years per level and you have to perform really quite poorly to not get promoted. BCG hires well, so if you're already hired, you're very unlikely to be a poor fit for the role."
Graduate, London
"There are set criteria for promotion timescales, but opportunities for promotion are not restricted by the availability of roles."
Graduate, London
"Timescales are set (with some fast-track windows) for promotion, but there are clear criteria and lots of help to progress."
Entry level, London


"The career progression is very clearly defined - if you meet the expectations for your performance you know you will get the promotion in a given number of months."
"We have a 'promote when ready' policy - you are promoted as soon as you are performing well enough to do so."
"You have a performance review every six months, (from the date you join, not at specific time periods), which is great because it means that you get promoted in a fair time frame and you don't have to wait for an arbitrary date."
"Promotion comes when you do your time and learn the skills. The lack of an explicit 'fast track' stops a hyper-competitive culture developing."
"Expectations are very high, so promotion is perfectly possible (and managers are transparent about prospects) - but requires ongoing work and commitment."


"If you develop as required and you are fully supported to do so you will progress, there are no quotas, if you are good enough you are promoted."
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