Thomson Reuters


9.0 / 10

(based on 14 ratings in 2016)


"The company is filled with great people who are always willing to put time in their diary and offer insights into what they do. There's a decent teamwork environment and we're often working with team members in other countries so there's extensive use of video calling etc. On the whole, it's a pretty relaxed working environment compared to other corporates."
Innovation, Graduate, London
"The hierarchy is flat and the the culture is cooperative and social. You can approach anyone, regardless of their seniority."
Graduate, London
"Very good culture. The company actively encourages events around culture – especially for grads. Inclusiveness is promoted for all groups of people and backgrounds. One area that I think could be improved is to do more things actively within teams."
Graduate, London
"The culture within this organisation is exemplary. There are four key values that are abided by – workshops are regularly provided to ensure employees understand the values and can work with them. The work/life balance is extremely important to this organisation and there is no underlying pressure to overwork. The hierarchy is clear and well-structured yet senior leaders are approachable, welcoming and willing. Working with others is encouraged and, in terms of socialising, regular events, parties and other occasions are organised to bring employees closer together."
Finance, Graduate, London
"The culture is one of community and support. The hierarchy in finance is quite flat meaning that exposure to senior management early in your career is a given. The social scene is great with regular events outside of work hours."
Midlevel, London
"We have contracted hours but the company provides the opportunity to work from home as well as amend your hours to suit your life outside of work. The office is a very friendly place with conversation being promoted. This means that, as a graduate, you can talk to new people and find out about them and their role."
Graduate, London
"Friendly and cooperative but without much of a social side."
Entry level, London
"All of our offices are open-plan so managers sit with their teams and are therefore really approachable for assistance and guidance when needed. Culture is important at Thomson Reuters and all employees attend a one-day workshop to explore how they can play their part in upholding the great values and culture that we have."
Graduate, Nottingham


"It is a friendly and flexible environment. Employees with children often work from home on Fridays and there's a big focus on a work/life balance at Thomson Reuters. Employees like to socialise with each other outside of work and the company often arranges social events for us."
Graduate, London
"Working in an open-plan office you work amongst a mixture of teams and personalities. For this reason a hierarchical structure is not overly visible. Development and learning is actively encouraged at all levels and our Business Resource Groups are aided and part-funded by the company to ensure a healthy work/life balance."
Graduate, London
"The organisational structure is flat in the sense that you can approach senior managers, irrespective of your rank, and they will be willing to help you. Everyone is very friendly. There is also a strong sense of teamwork - everyone is very willing to help, provided they are not inundated with work."
Graduate, London
"The culture was the main reason I chose to work at this company. It is a great place to work - your CEO could be sitting on the next desk to you and you would never know as there is no emphasis on importance due to job role. Every single member of a team is valued and respected. There is also a great emphasis on work/life balance."
Graduate, London
"Teamwork is really important here at Thomson Reuters. What is really wonderful is that the structure is there for us to have a point of reference, know who to report to, who to talk to get more details about what needs to be done and prioritised first. However, during meetings we all have equal say and that structure becomes more faded. There are many networking events organised by the company that enables you to get to know more people working across other business units and learn more about their role in the company."
Graduate, London
"The company culture is great, since being on the graduate scheme I have been to Paris and Scotland, taken part in a dodgeball tournament, climbed the 02 and been to many social networking events at the end of each quarter and for occasions such as Christmas."
Graduate, London
"The company is focused on an excellent work/life balance. I am generally able to leave my desk as soon as I have completed all my assignments for the week. Since your time is your own you learn to work quickly and effectively. In general, some groups are not afraid to let young talent rise to their level as fast as possible."
Graduate, New York
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