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Fun Facts


"Ian Flemming was once a journalist for the company."
Graduate, Nottingham
"It is actually bigger than Bloomberg."
Graduate, Nottingham
"It is one of the original fintech firms."
Graduate, London


"There are 107 dots on the logo."
Graduate, London
"We have 113 offices across 100+ countries."
Finance, Graduate, London
"There is a masseuse that offers massage therapy in some of the offices once a week."
Graduate, London
"Reuters is over 165 years old."
Graduate, London
"All the graduates from all around the world are flown to one of our offices for a two-week induction programme, which is lots of fun! Frankfurt, Paris, New York, London, Nottingham, Tokyo and more!"
Graduate, Nottingham


"Reuters is over 150 years old."
Midlevel, London
"We have the largest zoology database."
Graduate, London
"We provide technology and information as well as the news!"
Graduate, London
"We write more than 2.1 million unique stories a year."
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