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Interview Process


"I joined through the Internship Program and then got fast tracked to the Graduate Scheme. I had to submit the initial application form, then had a phone interview, then had two face-to-face interviews. During my internship, I was constantly assessed and to get onto the graduate scheme, I had to attend an assessment day where they tested your competencies and skills."
Graduate, London
"I had five interviews and a half-day assessment centre, including group work and a demonstration on a sales-pitch."
Graduate, Tokyo
"I joined on the back of a summer internship, for which I filled in an online application, followed by a telephone interview and a final-stage assessment centre at the office. The assessment centre comprised of group work, an excel test, and a competency interview with the hiring departmental managers."
Graduate, London
"The process involves a CV and cover letter screening, online tests, telephone interview, and a one-day assessment centre."
Entry level, London
"I had four interviews for my internship, and at the end of the internship I underwent a half assessment day where I was offered a place on the graduate scheme."
Graduate, London
"The assessments were the standard online math and non-verbal reasoning tests. Because I was an intern, before taking a year full-time at another firm, after a phone interview I was moved straight to final round. This interview lasted about three hours and included a massive variety of topics and covered skills. It was surprisingly challenging since it tested so many areas of your skills."
Graduate, New York
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