Thomson Reuters

Interview Questions


"What motivates you to work here? What are your strengths?"
Innovation, Graduate, London
"Why do you want to work for Thomson Reuters? What are your strengths?"
Graduate, London
"I was asked why I was interested in technology as well as the usual competency questions."
Graduate, London
"Why should we invest in you? What sets you apart from other candidates? How do you react to x,y,z situations? Tell me about a time when you showed initiative, leadership or creativity."
Graduate, lonon
"What makes TR unique?"
Graduate, London
"The video interview and the face to face had a lot of scenario questions ie tell me about a time when...? As well as this, I felt the questions gauged your passion and desire to work for the company and found candidates that were the correct fit for the organisation."
Finance, Graduate, London
"Give an example of a time when you have worked collaboratively in a team to achieve an end goal."
Graduate, London
"I was asked to pitch a product and there were various group activities."
Graduate, London


"Some questions that I was asked included: why Thomson Reuters? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in ten years? What are you career goals? Why sales and not politics?"
Graduate, New York
"I was asked: why Thomson Reuters? What skills do you have that will serve you well in a role here? Give me examples of how you have implemented the 'Knowledge Effect' in your day-to-day routine. Being a Law student, what advantage do you feel this will give you working in Business/Finance?"
Graduate, London
"I was asked to talk about trends in the industry, and several competency-based questions."
Entry level, London
"I was asked about my experiences and the reasons for my interest in Thomson Reuters. I was also asked to present on several business case studies and asked some situational questions."
Graduate, New York
"For the technology scheme expect a few technical questions."
Graduate, London
"I was asked typical behaviour and competency based questions as well as company based questions. Additionally, I was given a market segmentation case within the interview. I was asked to explore additional elements of the case such as how to motivate a sales team, develop new markets, technical aspects to consider etc."
Graduate, New York
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