Thomson Reuters

Relations with Management

7.9 / 10

(based on 14 ratings in 2016)


"Most managers are approachable and happy to help. The key to a good mentor is understanding what knowledge you want to gain and who has the best background to provide that guidance."
Innovation, Graduate, London
"The line manager and manager directly above him/her are constantly present and available all of the time to give advice and offer help. I was lucky as mine were very good indeed. You don't tend to see higher up management often other than in posted videos."
Graduate, London
"Management interacts very well. I feel that I can always go to senior management with questions and I get the impression that they are invested in me."
Finance, Graduate, London
"Managers are very accessible and always willing to help or explain things further. Due to the organisation structure, you get access to senior management early on and this provides a great environment in which you can learn from senior leaders."
Midlevel, London
"Managers tend to be very accessible, as do THEIR managers. The level of feedback and one-to-one interaction varies between manager and department."
Graduate, London
"My manager is extremely helpful and always takes the time to sit with me and talk about my work and explain anything to me that I don't understand."
Graduate, London
"Mentor schemes are available and regular feedback/goal setting is required."
Entry level, London
"My manager is responsible for our team of six employees so he always has time for each of us. We have regular meetings to chat about progress and any issues. He sits with the team, is very approachable and always happy to assist."
Graduate, Nottingham


"On the graduate scheme you get assigned a manager as a mentor, which is really helpful. I have learnt a lot from all the managers I have worked under and been provided with feedback."
Graduate, London
"My group is great and very clear. My manager sits right next to me, and thus we have very close contact. Some of my colleagues have managers out of state or country."
Graduate, New York
"I love my line manager, I have a very efficient key enabler and the HR staff responsible for me are courteous and competent. I'm happy to ask any of them how I'm doing and they are happy to respond. They're all very accessible via email and my immediate graduate programme manager is willing to meet me in person within a week."
Graduate, London
"Although it's a very large organisation (60,000 employees), members of senior management make an effort to reach out to the ground level employees. Managers at Thomson Reuters are rated by their team so they are often looking to grow and assist their team."
Graduate, London
"The managers I have seen have been excellent mentors, and have helped me a lot."
Graduate, London
"Managers are always available to speak with. I have regular feedback sessions and updates on projects I am working on. I am encouraged to attend senior management meetings and actively participate in such discussions on a daily basis. Many of the management have previously been on Graduate Programs and have reached their senior level within 10-15 years."
Graduate, London
"Managers are very accessible - if you are proactive in getting in touch with them, they will be happy to give you their time."
Graduate, London
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