Thomson Reuters


7.5 / 10

(based on 14 ratings in 2016)


"It is an average graduate salary for the sector we operate in. Some of the schemes differ in salary increments."
Innovation, Graduate, London
"Fairly good salary with a decent enough increase when I came off the grad scheme."
Graduate, London
"The remuneration is as expected for a graduate in London. It works fine for a first year."
Finance, Graduate, London
"Everyone always wants more but I feel that I am currently remunerated at a level comparable to my peers."
Midlevel, London
"The pay is not bad for a graduate salary nationally, but is low compared to other companies in Canary Wharf. However, the salary does increase slightly halfway through the programme if your performance is good."
Graduate, London
"Low for the market. Based on the work that we undertake, I feel we could be paid more. There is also a large discrepancy between US and UK counterparts."
Graduate, London
"You start off quite poorly paid but this ramps up quickly as you progress through the scheme."
Entry level, London
"Great competitive salary including benefits such as gym subsidies etc."
Graduate, London


"The pay for new graduates is not bad. It is below that of major consultancies, however, probably higher on an hourly basis. I personally came in with a lot of additional qualifications, but due to the nature of the graduate programme, the 18 month contract is standardized and not available for negotiation. The benefits are strong for both the US and UK."
Graduate, New York
"The pay is pretty high and better than I expected to earn in my first job."
Graduate, London
"My pay is good for a graduate, and I think the bonuses are good."
Graduate, London
"Pay and commission are good when you're in a permanent position. I think it is decent for the industry when considering the work/life balance."
Graduate, London
"The pay is slightly less than the industry average. As someone looking to start a career, rather than just accept a job, I was more concerned with the opportunities of joining a graduate programme at Thomson Reuters rather than the pay itself."
Graduate, New York
"I think it's the average salary for a graduate, but high performance is rewarded."
Graduate, London
"I think pay is somewhat low considering you do not earn commission whilst on the scheme. However, the bonus and pay jump at the end of the scheme are really good."
Graduate, London
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