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Satisfaction with Work

8.3 / 10

(based on 12 ratings in 2018)


"My team is responsible for test automation in all of the deployment environments. My tasks involve extending, managing and executing regression tests across the system integration testing (SIT) environment. This provides a balance of daily routine tasks and, from time to time, something new and exciting to challenge myself with."
Graduate, Nottingham
"I'm very happy. I'm building an automation test framework and performing further quality audit testing, which gives a huge opportunity to learn and a variety of different tasks."
Graduate, Nottingham
"The work is varied, with some of it being interesting and challenging but some of it being more menial."
Graduate, London
"The day-to-day role varies greatly depending on the team you are in. You are given responsibility from the start and are challenged throughout. I was calling clients in my first week and was given my own targets and leads to work with, which really helped improve my phone and interpersonal skills."
Graduate, London
"I take on responsibilities, participate actively on important work and get delegated more important tasks as I gain trust."
Graduate, Nottingham UK
"My personal progression has been good, with a large part of this being down to the opportunities that I've been given."
Graduate, Nottingham


"As an analyst, most of the work you are tasked to do revolves around research. You get extensive use of PowerPoint and, depending on your role, there can be a lot of Excel work. My current role focuses on researching emerging technology trends that could be of interest/use to Thomson Reuters."
Innovation, Graduate, London
"I am able to design and manage my day-to-day role. Although I have only been at the company for a few months, I am already owning projects. I help to drive the growth of the existing proposition, develop internal and external partnerships and oversee our financials and reporting."
Graduate, London
"I often found that I didn't have a lot of work to do while on the grad scheme. The projects that I did do were very interesting, though. It included using internal tools to capture how much data was coming through our network from the stock exchanges, analysing this data and then forecasting what effect this would have on our systems."
Graduate, London
"I am responsible for granting transparency in our end-to-end management framework. This means managing projects from beginning to end and ensuring the initiation stage is successful, objectives and scope are clear, resources are adequate, timeline is realistic and all stakeholders are engaged. I will also be planning and tracking on the way, flagging risks and mitigating them, executing the project to our highest standards and closing the project when the goal has been reached."
Graduate, lonon
"Having recently joined the organisation, my level of responsibility is relatively low. However, I am constantly learning new tasks to complete regularly as well as participating in ad-hoc projects for a variety of stakeholders. Day-to-day tasks include data collection, analysis and presentation as well as completing monthly reviews and procedures."
Finance, Graduate, London
"The rotational aspect of the job ensures that you get a good mixture of work and are exposed to quite a lot."
Finance, Graduate, London
"The work is interesting and varied, though there can be quite a lot of time pressure."
Entry level, London
"I work on automated testing, which is something that I only touched on at university so I am finding it really interesting work. Testing also gives me the opportunity to do some development too, so it is the best of both worlds. I run daily tests as soon as I get in to check the state of our systems and then spend the rest of the day writing code for tests and creating test suites. I had no experience of automated testing when I started but found it really easy to pick up."
Graduate, Nottingham


"I manage one of the propositions, which involves working with various stakeholders to set commercial strategy that enables growth but protects existing revenue. I work on a small team but interact with individuals across the various businesses, sales, customer admin, commercial policy and development."
Midlevel, London
"I have a lot of freedom in my role. I'm expected to learn which I like, and I am given the necessary time to do so. My responsibilities are not rigorously defined. I have some choice as to what I do and how I do it, as long as the end objective is to assist in the departments' goals."
Graduate, London
"My working hours are very flexible. I conduct research for competitor profiling; manage data-heavy excel spreadsheets and transpose this data into a meaningful PowerPoint presentation."
Graduate, London
"I work under the head of international sales for my business unit. This requires me to work in a sales support capacity. I assist with calls and presentations, and also find new and creative ways to find selling space and the appropriate targets for resources."
Graduate, New York
"In my current role I am working on producing usage reports for the entire commodities section - this allows great personal responsibility and the opportunity to meet very senior people, who now know my name and value my work."
Graduate, London
"Thomson Reuters encourage you to take responsibility and ownership of a particular feature in a product, develop it, improve it and maintain it. If you need help you can always ask someone as there is a lot of talent within the company that can do just that. I can guarantee you, that although sometimes things may get hard, the rewards at the end are far greater."
Graduate, London
"My role is to help build business cases for new initiatives in Risk business. Day-to-day responsibilities include conducting market and regulation research, market sizing for potential opportunities and vendor partnership development, etc."
Entry level, New York
"Day-to-day I get to work on a variety of projects and analysis, ranging from preparing take aways from our incredibly vast data collection to our executive team to turning a potential idea from one of the global heads into an actual project. This involves a mix of analysis, research and management."
Graduate, New York
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