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8.3 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 7 ratings in 2017)
"A modern and liberal company."
9.6 / 10
Offices & Dress
8.4 / 10
8.9 / 10
8.9 / 10
10.0 / 10
8.3 / 10


  • The firm has a flat and supportive culture, which creates a friendly community of colleagues who are all happy to help each other out.
  • Graduates from all over the world come together for their initial training in India, which is widely seen as an enjoyable experience.
  • Day-to-day work is varied and graduates get to work with a range of cutting-edge technologies.
  • The company likes to have a very positive involvement in social and economic justice.


  • There can be some uncertainty over where your next workplace will be located, which may be daunting for some graduates.
  • Some graduates felt that there could be more structured activities between projects.
  • While work hours are generally good, the flexibility of them is dependent on clients.
  • A lot of travel time can be involved when working on client projects.

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