9.3 / 10

(based on 8 ratings in 2016)


"ThoughtWorks puts a lot of energy and money into sponsoring diversifying movements around the world and the internal discussion of how to make things more equal is a continuous conversation with people on all levels included."
Graduate, London
"I think diversity in gender and LGBT seems to be great. I would like to see more people from ethnically diverse backgrounds being hired though."
Experienced, London
"There are still some outstanding issues to address but there is no doubting the commitment to tackling them."
Graduate, London
"Many diversity initiatives including the Alphabet-Soup (LGBT) interest group. We also host the Mums in Tech meetup."
Graduate, London
"You can see straight away that diversity is a priority. This really helps give ThoughtWorks its inclusive, friendly and supportive culture. A big plus for working here."
Graduate, London
"ThoughtWorks invests a lot of effort into gender diversity and is very bold about calling itself out on and addressing pay gaps and hiring rates. Other aspects of diversity are in earlier stages but there have been many LGBT events organised in the office with external groups over the past year."
Graduate, London


"The company is extremely committed in terms of diversity, and in particular with regard to LGBT, women, ethnic minorities, child care and paternity leave."
Consultant Software Developer, Manchester
"The firm is very committed to promoting diversity. All of the teams are quite international and there are a lot of activities around women in IT. ThoughtWorks is part of the Stonewall foundation."
Graduate Consultant, London
"Diversity, and social and economic justice, are right at the heart of everything ThoughtWorks does. This is immediately clear from a visit to any one of ThoughtWorks' offices, and it makes for an incredibly rich and insightful place to work."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"ThoughtWorks actively seeks to be diverse. We're building software products for all sorts of people all over the world, ergo we need all sorts of people from all over the world."
Business Analyst, London
"Diversity is always on ThoughtWorks top list of discussion. It is important to us to support every social group. I know that all our graduate hiring is a 50:50 split between males and females. We also are very supportive of LGBT issues and have showed support by sharing our office space with many LGBT groups."
Graduate Software Developer, London


"So far, diversity seems very good, particularly around proactively hiring women."
Graduate, London
"We are the only tech company I know of that strives for a 50:50 gender ratio, which is incredible. We also strive to hire as diversely as possible which is great because the software industry has been traditionally dominated by white males."
Graduate, Manchester
"ThoughtWorks is a strong advocate of diversity in every sense and not just on paper. There are much more women and LGBT ThoughtWorkers than is average in the industry, and they get all the respect they deserve. Concrete steps are constantly discussed and taken to further improve the situation."
Midlevel, London
"There is an active drive to support diversity here. We actively target women in IT, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Apart from the hiring process, we actively get involved in the community by supporting and attending events with GeekGirls, LGF foundation, etc."
Entry level, Manchester
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