Interview Questions


"During my interview I was asked to identify why I wanted to work for ThoughtWorks and what I will do in a future role. There were also background questions, such as how IT can make the world more socially just. I also attended a pairing interview and answered technical questions, on object-oriented programming, test-driven development and data structures."
Graduate Consultant, London
"The social and economic justice interview in particular is quite open-ended, so be prepared to talk about topics as varied as education systems, the state of the internet and fracking, to name a few. You should go in with an open and passionate mind."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"Here I was asked to show my views and opinions on current events/issues. I had to show which sort of issues I care about, and I was given some role specific questions."
Business Analyst, London
"As a developer, I had a technical interview as well as another interview to see if my values match those of the company. I was asked about my views on certain social problems, what I am passionate about and why I write my code a certain way, among other things."
Graduate Software Developer, London
"There were several interviews: for the social justice interview the questions were around quite thought-provoking topics, but there was no 'right' or 'wrong' answers as it was based on your opinions. For the coding interviews I paired with another ThoughtWorks developer, and the questions were more technical, and designed to see how candidates approach problem solving."
Developer, London
"In my interview I was asked what my interests are (including those outside of technology), and how I keep up-to-date with current technologies. Questions were also around why I had written something the way that I had."
Software Developer, London
"I was asked to identify why I wanted to work at ThoughtWorks and how I heard about the firm. I had to show what I thought the firm does, and what I wanted to achieve if I got the job."
Developer, London
"In the interview I had to show why I wanted to work for the company and how I came across them, and illustrate both my short- and long-term goals. I had to show what I like to do in my free time, and share something that wasn't on my CV or covering letter."
Quality Analyst, London


"Generally, I felt that the interview was an opportunity to learn about the company and the people. I was asked to speak about what I understood so far about software delivery and the role of the BA. I was tested practically on my analysis and client soft skills, and there were numerous problem solving activities. I was also asked about my stance on social and economic justice."
Entry level, Manchester
"In the phone interview I was asked why I wanted to work for ThoughtWorks and about what the company did. There were also questions about my interests. The technical involved questions about my coding exercise, why I had made decisions and whether there was another way to approach the problem. Then the problem was extended and we drove out a solution using TDD. The presentation involved follow up questions on my presentation subject, as well as more general questions about why I chose that subject."
Graduate, Manchester
"The interview included a wide range of questions to ascertain my enthusiasm for and capability in software development, and my openness towards social justice, etc."
Midlevel, Manchester
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