Offices & Dress

8.5 / 10

(based on 8 ratings in 2016)


"I've only been to two offices so far – London and Pune. Both of the offices are great but I gotta say the ping pong table in the London office is located in the worst possible place, right in the middle of the working space. This makes it quite awkward to use in the middle of the day due to noise."
Graduate, London
"The London office can get crowded and some of the rooms can be quite stuffy. This makes it difficult to think for long periods in the room. There aren't always enough lockers for everyone."
Experienced, London
"Great location in central London. Good supplies, well stocked cupboards and fridges and frequent events providing free food. Computer monitors are available and you can work on ergonomic chairs. You can also wear whatever you like, within reason."
Graduate, London
"Casual dress code. Very open atmosphere and beautifully decorated. There's a wonderful balcony for those sunny days too. There isn't quite enough space for everyone at once though."
Graduate, London
"Great office in London with a constant stream of tea and coffee, snacks and sweets."
Graduate, London
"The London office is way better than the office of any other consulting company I've seen. There are many snacks, many types of coffee machine, soft drinks, wine and beer. There are lunchtime and evening events almost every day that usually have free food. The dress code in the office is totally relaxed – you will see some pretty eccentric styles and lots of bright colours walking around."
Graduate, London


"To me the ThoughtWorks offices are vibrant, colourful places to work, with plenty of location-specific memorabilia dotted around. For instance, there are red phone boxes in the Manchester office, and an auto rickshaw parked in the Pune office!"
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"The office is nice and open, everyone works on the same floor, so it really promotes friendliness. The dress code is free for all, wear whatever is comfortable. The location is superb, right in the middle of Soho, so you will never have to worry about where to grab lunch."
Graduate Software Developer, London
"The office is very central, with a beautiful view of the City. There is a common area with desks where the internal teams are working. Most of the walls are lined with kanban boards with story cards, which gives it a very colourful and informal feel. There is no dress code in the ThoughtWorks office, but it might be different if you're working in a client office."
Developer, Manchester
"The offices are fantastic. The Manchester office sits 26 floors up, with a fantastic view out over the city. The London office resides in Soho. The dress code is relaxed, shorts and t-shirts are the norm in the warmer months. Everything you need to do your job is available to you, and if it isn't it'll be ordered for you."
Consultant, Manchester
"ThoughtWorks' London office in Soho is brand new. ThoughtWorks offices are always casual, however, when client side we dress as the client does which may mean formally."
Software Developer, London
"We have some pretty nifty offices in my opinion. In London there's ping pong table and a games room. In Manchester there's a telescope and an air hockey table. There's no dress code, although in some cases you may be asked to dress formally to see a client who expects formal attire."
Developer, London


"The office is spacious, located in a nice area, but nothing too special or impressive. If you're a consultant, you won't be spending much time there anyway. In the office there is no particular dress code. On the client sites it's case by case, but usually casual or smart casual."
Midlevel, London
"The offices are cosy and comfortable. The dress code is smart-casual/casual."
Entry level, Manchester
"The office space is cool at ThoughtWorks and the dress code is casual."
Midlevel, Manchester
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