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Hi, my name is David Choo. I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield and now I am a Graduate Engineer here at Toyota. I first came to TMUK after my penultimate year of University, where I joined as a trainee engineer for a Summer Internship. I was assigned to the Press shop where I joined a team of five engineers. I immediately felt part of the team with real responsibilities and interesting projects to carry out. One project involved spending a lot of time on the Shop Floor to improve the quality of a product from a Press process. The project required me to work with very skilled team members to learn more about the process, and to find the root cause of the problem through fact finding and analysis. Though it may sound slightly overwhelming, especially with the short amount of time you are here, the huge amount of support that you get is fantastic which makes the tasks manageable. I was able to get the most of the 12 weeks I was here. One of the best aspects of working here at Toyota is the friendliness and helpfulness of the people in the company, and the mentality that everyone has - you always feel like you are a part of a team and everyone is there to support you.

At the end of the Summer Placement I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to return to TMUK and join their Graduate Scheme. I joined the Weld department on my return, and just like the Summer Internship, I was immediately involved in all the daily activities, as well as supporting with the problem solving on line and department issues. I truly feel valued as a member of this department. Every day there are new issues, new developments and new advancements, and I am continuing to learn new and interesting things. TMUK has been a great company to work for so far, I have gained so much and developed from such a short time of being here. I’m excited to see what my future at TMUK holds for me.