"When I graduated from university, I knew I wanted something different to the typical grad scheme. TPP stood out to me as a small company that was making a big impact in healthcare, and the ethos of ‘one patient, one record’ was certainly something that I’d taken for granted."

"Very early on, I was certain that the collaborative and team-based approach to learning suited me more than any rigid training structure of a grad scheme. Whilst everyone understands that you’re new and people are always on hand to help, what surprised me was the amount of responsibility and ownership you are encouraged to take. A month on, I was out in China, where I was involved in meetings with the Health Bureau and visiting community health centres to better understand their practices and healthcare system. Since then, I’ve been involved in lots of different areas of healthcare, from Child Health user groups to finalising parts of functionality for our Saudi project. I never imagined being involved in either healthcare or IT for a career, but as I am encouraged to think critically and analytically every day, it continues to be as rewarding as it is challenging."

"I also love living in Horsforth. I have a lovely 15 minute walk to work rather than a stressful commute, there’s everything you’d want from a city in Leeds and it’s still just a stone’s throw from the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. There’s also plenty to get involved with outside of work, such as yoga and guitar lessons at lunchtimes and pub Fridays!"