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9.1 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 18 ratings in 2016)
"Energetic, forward-thinking, enjoyable."
  • A generous salary and benefits package.
  • The flat hierarchy makes it very easy to socialise with and ask help from anyone in the company.
  • There is constant mentoring and supervision of a high quality.
  • The work can be high pressure and intense.
  • There is no flexi-time, and sometimes out-of-hours work can be required.
  • Some found the lack of formal training made it difficult to learn some basics early on.
8.9 / 10
Offices & Dress
9.7 / 10
8.8 / 10
9.6 / 10
9.3 / 10
8.5 / 10

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"I think the best preparation for this is to do as much research as possible. Treat..."

"In the office, everyone is to the point and there is no nonsense. This takes some..."

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"The hours are not flexible but this is because of the way we work. We very rarely..."

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"Sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands, company parties."

"The normal questions about my CV, past experiences etc along with some more logic..."

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"There are only a few managers at the top. In my experience with them, they've been..."

"There's a range of ethnicities and sexual orientations present. Discrimination isn't..."

"Difficult to answer because, hierarchy wise, I'm already at the same level as 99%..."

"I have a varied job that includes working with users, testing the system, coming..."

"The work is meaningful and the people are excellent to work with."

"Hard deadlines can be stressful."

"We have a large selection of (free) fresh-ground coffee and tea in every break r..."

"TPP is an innovative company with good and clear goals to benefit healthcare."

"The job clearly offered an excellent opportunity for graduates to get in to software..."

"There is a complete lack of structured training, which makes the learning process..."

"Have some structured training."

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