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Career Prospects

8.4 / 10

(based on 15 ratings in 2016)


"The company is highly meritocratic. There is no competition for higher-level positions and everyone's opinion is valid."
Graduate, Leeds
"There are only a few directors who are in essential roles. The only way to become a director is to defeat another director in mortal combat or (more likely) be in the right place at the right time if the company expands in a certain direction or a director leaves. Still, your pay increases rapidly over your tenure and your responsibilities grow, given the nature of the flat hierarchy."
Entry level, Leeds
"No hierarchy, but they give good and regular reviews and pay increases accordingly."
Graduate, Leeds
"Difficult to answer because, hierarchy wise, I'm already at the same level as 99% of the company. As a developer, it takes some time before we're trusted to work without everything being checked, this takes about eight to ten months to manage. There are a few developers of many years' experience who are able to make high-level decisions about our architecture, but the qualifying factor is experience and nothing else."
Graduate, Leeds
"Because of the flat hierarchy within the company, it is very easy to gain new responsibility and roles within the company. Although you don't get the additional title associated with your job role, you do get salary increases and responsibility increases accordingly."
Graduate, Leeds
"There are no rank – we all have the same jobs roles and responsibilities. If you are good at your job and are prepared to do more you get paid more (and the pay is generous)."
Graduate, Leeds
"If you are good at what you do and take on responsibility, you will be very successful."
Graduate, Horsforth
"There are no specific ranks. We have a flat hierarchy and there are no 'team leaders' or anything like that. You progress as you become better at your job."
Entry level, Leeds
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