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Interview Questions


"The normal questions about my CV, past experiences etc along with some more logic or (relatively simple) maths-based questions to see how you think."
Graduate, Leeds
"A mixture of content on my CV as well as logic/maths problems."
Entry level, Leeds
"I was asked a range of different questions during my interview. These included questions about my interests, character, logic questions, quick-fire questions and, of course, questions relating to my experience in marketing and communications."
Graduate, Leeds
"I was asked to solve logic puzzles and given a maths test, as well as the standard interview questions."
Graduate, Leeds
"Quick-fire logic puzzles and questions about current events."
Graduate, Leeds
"I was asked to solve some general logic puzzles and to explain the things I most enjoyed in my degree."
Graduate, Leeds
"The phone interview was a friendly chat and we organised a date to visit for an in-person interview. These interviews consisted of a number of logical, estimation and quick-fire questions. If you're suited to the job, you'll probably find this pretty fun."
Graduate, Leeds
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