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8.3 / 10

(based on 13 ratings in 2017)


"The regional team works well together and most are willing to put in extra hours to achieve customer-focused goals. There's some socialising of staff out of hours."
Graduate, Borehamwood
"The company has a safe and supportive culture and is employee-centred. I generally feel valued and can obtain help when I need it. Sometimes socialising can be difficult but this is as much my responsibility as it is anyone else's."
Graduate, London
"Occasionally our manger will invite us to have lunch together and this is very good for team bonding."
Entry level, London
"Everyone on my team is friendly and helpful."
Intern, Bury St Edmunds
"Managers value your well-being and development."
Graduate, London & Crawley
"There is good teamwork within my team and most of the time the more experienced are willing to pass on their knowledge to the enthusiastic youth."
Midlevel, London
"The office culture is very work-centric, although people are always happy to stop and go out for lunch together and have some social time. The culture in the office is very email-heavy, which can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. Everyone here seems very interested in, and committed to, their work, with a vast amount of expertise around. However, people are open to new ideas, which is refreshing."
Graduate, London
"Supportive, helpful and friendly colleagues."
Graduate, Crawley


"Our company has a very flat structure. We have the ability to meet the CEO regularly and are updated regularly on the business."
Graduate, Bury St Edmunds
"The culture varies from office to office and between teams. Some offices are quieter than others, but most people are friendly and helpful. The graduate network is a good community for support and for going out for drinks."
"Having listened to feedback from several engagement surveys completed by the workforce; the company directors are actively trying to become more visible and approachable. Everyone in the company is also keen to help you out where they can and happy to pass on skills and knowledge. When it comes to socialising, it's very much on a team by team basis. Some offices like the social aspects of working together whereas others tend to be friendly whilst at work but keep themselves to themselves after hours."
Graduate, London
"In my experience there has been a lack of socialising and organised events, however this is something that the younger employees are trying to improve."
Entry level, Crawley
"The company culture varies from office to office. In the smaller offices I've found the culture very friendly, welcoming, and cooperative. In larger offices this is not always the case. Out-of-hours culture and socialising varies very heavily depending on location."
Graduate, London
"The hierarchy in the office is: team member, line manager, senior manager, executive manager, CEO. Colleagues are friendly and willing to help you or at least guide you to the right person! Networking is essential! The graduate network meets regularly and you spend a lot of time with each other on training. Sometimes social events are planned out of the office: go-karting, meals, pub, bowling, etc."
Graduate, Bury St Edmunds
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