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Interview Questions


"I was asked about my past experience and to show what I knew about UK Power Networks."
Graduate, Crawley
"I was asked what I could bring to the company and why I wanted to work for it. There were also some more interactive activities, such as presentations for a mini-project as part of an assessment and interview day."
Graduate, London
"I had competency questions mostly, with three or four technical questions in there as well."
Entry level, London
"My degree, previous placements, why I wanted to work at UK Power Networks and simple technical questions."
Graduate, London & Crawley
"I was asked about issues with installing underground cables."
Midlevel, London
"Why do you want to work for this organisation? What skills did you learn in your degree that you think make you suited for this role? What is your understanding of your role within the organisation?"
Graduate, London
"In the assessment centre there were many questions involving scenarios that could be encountered while working at the company. With competing demands, the task was often to balance needs in the most pragmatic way. Always be prepared to defend your decision for a given situation."
Graduate, London
"I was asked why I wanted the job and what challenges I thought the company may face in the future."
Graduate, Crawley


"I was asked a lot of questions related to competencies as well as a number of technical questions."
Graduate, London
"We were asked a list of competency-based questions generally pertaining to past work experience. We were then asked several technical questions."
Graduate, London
"I was asked competency questions regarding leadership, teamwork, etc. I was also quizzed on current issues in the energy industry affecting power networks. And about prioritising safety and profitability."
Graduate, London
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