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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Application, online assessments, video interview and finally an assessment centre. Prepare well for the online assessments!"
Graduate, Crawley
"Application, aptitude test, online interview, assessment day, interview. Find out as much about the company and industry as possible."
Intern, Bury St Edmunds
"Understand the fundamentals of what you are doing and be willing to work hard. Positivity is key."
Midlevel, London
"First, there is an online application along with some online numerical tests. Then there is the video interview followed finally by a group assessment day that includes a one-on-one interview. I would say that the best way to prepare for the interview is to research the company well, and know what the company does and what its values and visions are. Also, you should understand why you want to join the organisation."
Graduate, London
"The most daunting part was having to prepare for, and do, the video interview. This was not a Skype interview, it involved recording a video of yourself answering interview questions (that popped up on the screen beforehand) and this was then automatically emailed to the recruitment team. I would recommend doing a lot of research on the company, the distribution network operator setup, the regulation and the major projects."
Graduate, London
"Do your research into the company and come up with an idea of what you specifically can offer."
Graduate, Crawley
"Be sure to study the company, what they do, how they work and what the company values are etc."
Graduate, Crawley


"Do a lot of homework, read about the company and get as much knowledge as you can. Research the projects we are doing, future challenges we are going to face and how we are planning to tackle them to provide sustainable, cost-efficient and reliable electricity to our customers."
Graduate, London
"Read up on the challenges of the distribution networks and the safety culture - Stay Safe. It is important to be calm, positive and demonstrate the company values. Remember if you are being yourself then the assessors can judge how well you will fit in the company. If not, then it may turn out that this is not the place for you. At the assessment centre be patient and interact with others with respect. If you have a good point to raise use reasoning to make it rather than shouting."
"Make sure you are well versed on electrical distribution theory and try to have an idea of the challenges facing the industry as a whole. It may also be an idea to think about previous roles and work experience to help you answer the competency-based questions."
Graduate, London
"Spend some time on the application, do a proper research, get advice from your career service and try to attend a networking event. The application is not something that you could do in a few minutes, you will need to invest a good amount of time in it and think it over, as there are a lot of candidates for the same role that you are applying for."
Entry level, Crawley
"Do some research about basic electrical distribution networks e.g. voltages, transformers, switchgear and cables. You should also prepare the standard competency-based questions. Finally, research our basic company structure."
Graduate, London
"Prepare a range of examples of behaviour/achievements. Tie them into the company's strategic vision and core competences. Do a bit of research into electricity distribution in the UK for technical issues, and look at the innovation projects the business is involved in."
Graduate, London
"Read up on UK Power Networks on the website to find out exactly what we do. Know how to give good customer service and why it is important to UKPN. Having a good understanding of electrical network theory, (I wasn't asked to calculate anything but more of an understanding would be recommended)."
Graduate, Bury St Edmunds
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