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Offices & Dress

7.1 / 10

(based on 11 ratings in 2017)


"The dress code is business attire although a shirt and jumper seem to be tolerated."
Graduate, Crawley
"The office that I work in is very nice. The dress code varies across the company but, for my department, a suit is essential."
Graduate, London
"Most of the offices are fairly accessible with few being particularly remote."
Entry level, London
"Offices are open-plan and modern but there's a lot of grey and no games rooms."
Graduate, London & Crawley
"The dress code is business casual but not strictly enforced if you're in the office all day."
Midlevel, London
"Head office at Newington House is open-plan (with the exception of executive management, who have their own offices on a specific floor) and the desks are in rows rather than cubicles. Almost everyone has a laptop with a docking station and one or two additional monitors. There are tea stations on each floor with fridges and microwaves but only one area to sit and eat lunch for the whole building. There's good bicycle parking and three showers with some locker space available (although there is a wait list). Dress code is quite varied as some teams always wear full suits whereas others wear chinos with shirts and jumpers."
Graduate, London
"The office space is open-plan and the dress code is business casual."
Graduate, Crawley


"In my experience, office space is quiet, there's not too much interaction within the office. It can be very empty on certain days with engineers out on-site visits. The facilities are good, with a canteen on the ground floor and a Tesco a two minute walk away. Dress code is business casual, most people in the office wear trousers and a shirt (no tie)."
Graduate, Crawley
"Space-wise, things are a bit tight in the head office (London) however other offices are pretty spacious and there are a lot of offices around the operating areas."
Graduate, Bury St Edmunds
"The offices vary based on geographical location. At the headquarters in Newington House the dress code is business and shirts and ties are encouraged. In other offices and in the field, company trousers and a polo shirt are acceptable."
"All our offices are close to or attached to electricity substations rather than in particularly salubrious locations. However offices are clean and looked-after. The dress code is smart meaning suits, (or at least shirt and trousers). Trainers and jeans not tolerated."
Graduate, London
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