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Relations with Management

8.7 / 10

(based on 11 ratings in 2017)


"My line manager for my home base location is easily contacted via email and responds within minutes."
Graduate, Crawley
"Managers are always (in my experience) open to discussion and giving advice."
Graduate, Crawley
"Most managers, in particular the senior management, interact very well with employees by making themselves well known and offering advice when needed. Responses to questions can occasionally be slow and points are sometimes missed. However, it's acknowledged that this is primarily due to other commitments."
Graduate, London
"I have had regular meetings and discussions with the CEO, directors and managers."
Intern, Bury St Edmunds
"My line manager is very accessible and approachable."
Midlevel, London
"Management is often very busy but, when I do have a one-to-one with managers, I feel that I get a high-quality interaction. I have a lot of visibility with more senior management and have opportunities to speak up and even present at some sessions (although this is not mandatory)."
Graduate, London
"Managers always make time for you and are very approachable."
Graduate, Crawley


"In my experience, senior management are very accessible, helpful, cooperative and I would say they definitely make good mentors."
Graduate, London
"Levels of feedback vary greatly between managers. Some are very quick to respond and sort out any issues. Others may be busier and will require several emails and calls before they respond."
"Managers are very accessible and willing to offer advice on career progression. You are also assigned a graduate mentor from another part of the business. They are generally a member of the executive management team with vast experience and are available for any advice or problems you may encounter."
Graduate, London
"Obviously feedback and mentoring can vary a lot but the general culture of the firm is supportive."
Graduate, London
"We have regular reviews with manager (three times a year). Additionally, senior management (including our CEO) try to interact with employees through graduate networking events, working lunches and dial-ins to ask questions."
Graduate, Bury St Edmunds
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