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I’m VMB’s subject matter expert for webchat, and managed the plan, launch and performance of the sales/lead-gen channel. It’s part of a wider digital strategy where we want to become more than a call centre for sales – we want to become an omni-channel contact centre, respecting the channel that the customer chooses to communicate with us. It’s a fast-paced environment where we help unlock not only the digital potential of our customers, but also the business itself in leveraging the online space. Aside from this, I help manage and maintain a lot of content on our business website as well as our So/SME focussed ecommerce store and I contribute writing UX for internal sites and build online platforms to support the business’ digital aspirations.

Working in a digital environment is really cool and interesting. Everything is data driven, so it keeps you honest, and you can use the data to do a lot of things such as lead generation, performance optimisation and understanding user behaviours to name a few. In VMB in particular, we’re still learning how to best leverage digital. We have huge growth aspirations which means we try a lot of different things; not everything pays off all the time but it’s worth trying to see what does work, and what lessons can be learned along the way. And that’s the spirit of working at VM, it’s a business driven by triers – people who are willing to explore, to try new things, to challenge the norm, and that’s where the excitement is.