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How got the job:

Step 1 - application form including cv and answering 4 simple questions about interests/why applied etc

Step 2 - telephone interview lasting approx. 1 hour

Step 3 - online numerical and verbal testing

Step 4 - selection event, 1 day which included group tasks, individual tasks, a presentation, an interview, re-tests of online testing etc

Why I chose the company:

I wanted to find a position that combined a hands on practical role (learning business skills, negotiating, making industry contacts) with continuing professional qualifications (ACA). Having been to several selection events I immediately felt comfortable and confident with everyone at WJFG and this was down to how they treated me throughout the application process - incredibly friendly, honest - they wanted the best thing for the candidate not just themselves.

Role involves (so far):

  • aiding weekly/monthly/annual accounts, stock reconciliations, production volumes, delivery notes etc
  • creating new budget standards
  • fixed asset review
  • commercial accounts (overriders, jbps etc)

Please note I've only been in position for circa 2 months and have been allowed the freedom to run with the things I've found particularly interesting instead of being given exact deadlines - everyone has been very helpful and understanding that it may take me some time to get up to speed.

What training?

So far training has been on the job, specific to the tasks I have been given. As of January I start the ACA training contract so will be out of the office doing tuition courses. In the first 2 months I have had chance to do H&S and Food Safety qualifications with more to come in the next few months.

Structured scheme:

3 year ACA contract

What I particularly enjoy:

So far I have genuinely enjoyed all of the activities and responsibilities I have been given and personally I think that anyone who was interested in a career in accountancy would feel similar. I have been given brilliant insight into all the companies that the group owns (not just the one I have started at). This began from day 1 where we started an induction process that saw us travel around the country to visit each business and meet members of staff at each - to hear their insights and see what they did day to day. If I had to pick something I particularly enjoy it would either be the exposure to all levels of the business (senior leadership team in particular) and the general office working environment (which is supportive, friendly and highly motivated).