I joined the graduate scheme this September after applying for the role in my final year at university. I applied for the job because it was a client facing role, which also allowed me to use my Maths background. When I researched the position, I also found it was varied and gives the opportunity to gain a professional qualification. I then chose the organisation because of the friendly people I met at my interviews and also the focus on having a good work/life balance.

A typical day would start with checking my emails for any new work or information that has come through overnight. Then I’d get started on the tasks I’ve got for the day like emailing managers, putting together an investment review or billing a client. Normally there will be a couple of meetings each day and at the moment there’s lots of training in all aspects of the role. For some of these sessions we travel to London but most of the time they are in Leeds.

I’ve chosen to study for the Actuarial Qualifications, so I start my exams in April 2017. Willis Towers Watson have guided me through the steps of the process and provided me with all the study materials.
I’m really enjoying the job so far, every day is different and everyone at the office is very welcoming. It’s been great getting to know everyone, we’ve even got an office holiday to Barcelona coming up in a couple of months!