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Surayya Munshi

Why did you apply for a vacation scheme at Addleshaw Goddard?

Most people often forget – it's not only about whether you are right for the firm, but it's about whether the firm is right for you and the best way to know if it is, is to experience it for yourself. When I was applying for vacation schemes, I kept my focus on firms in the North, and AG really stood out to me. Not only do they have a strong regional presence, but their values and culture also made it appealing. As I wanted to gain a better understanding of what made AG different, I thought the best way to do so would be to experience the vacation scheme and this was one of the main reasons I applied. Not only did it allow me to fully experience life at the firm, it also made it clear to me that AG was something I wanted to be a part of – because of the friendliness of the people, the quality of the work and the opportunities that it promised.

Experience on the Vacation Scheme

The vacation scheme lasted two weeks and was split between two departments. I spent my first week in the employment department, and having had zero experience in the field beforehand, I was actually quite nervous. However, the employment team were more than happy to take the time out of their days to sit down with me and explain the work. This really helped me to settle in quickly and in turn allowed me to enjoy the rest of the vacation scheme without unnecessarily worrying. It was also really helpful that we were assigned a trainee buddy for the two weeks, most of who were vacation schemers before they became trainees. They were happy to share their experiences as trainees with us, giving us an honest insight into what it would be like to train at AG, and help us with tasks we were given.

I spent my second week in the Real Estate department, giving me the chance to experience work in two completely different fields of law. Across both weeks, I was given work that would usually be given to a trainee, ranging from researching and summarising updates in the law, lease reviews and even taking part in a preliminary hearing. This gave me the opportunity to learn and develop personally, alongside getting to know the firm. In addition to the department work, we were also assigned a research task by the grad team on the first day of the vacation scheme, and were given a group task where we had to pitch the firm to a potential client. This was a fun, light-hearted way of getting to work with other people on the vac scheme and taking advantage of the task to talk to people about their experience at AG and what makes it different to other firms.

In addition to the informative session that were held, there were also various social events planned across the two weeks. We started off the vacation scheme with an informal networking session which was attended by a range of people from partners to trainees. This was a nice way to get to know everyone outside of work, and they were more than happy to talk about their experience at the firm and how they got to where they were. In fact, everyone at the firm went out of their way to make all of us on the vacation scheme feel welcome and like we were part of the team. Later on in the week, the grad team had a lunch where we got to ask them questions. They also organised a brunch with the trainees, and this was followed by a dinner with the partners. However, one of the highlights of the scheme was the monopoly game organised by the trainees on the penultimate day of the scheme. We had been put into teams and were given two hours to run around Manchester and take pictures in front of as many landmarks as we could before returning to the Anthologist for an evening of food and drinks. This was a great way to end the scheme and wind-down at the end of the two weeks.

Not only is the vacation scheme at AG a great way to experience the firm, but you also get the chance to learn so much from the amazing people that make it what it is. I personally learnt so much and developed greatly on the scheme, and it also made it easier for me once I started my training contract as I already knew people at the firm and how it worked.