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Graduate GIS Consultant

I joined AECOM just under eight months ago, I have worked on several projects across different disciplines from ecology to heritage, all contributing towards my professional development. One of my major projects is the A303 Amesbury to Berwick Down scheme which will upgrade a stretch of the A303 from single to dual carriageway, including a new tunnel to remove traffic from most of the Stonehenge world heritage site landscape. My role involves providing cartographic outputs with GIS and spatial analysis to help different stakeholders make informed decisions. I have automated tasks by creating python scripts to read many map documents and geodatabases. Through this project, I have gained a better understanding of web map services (WMS) and web feature services (WFS) where different teams across the project can interrogate spatial data, highlighting how GIS is a great support tool in discovering predictive patterns from combining space and time dimensions to solve real-world problems. 

As the world becomes more instrumented and interconnected, spatiotemporal data have become more ubiquitous and detailed, and AECOM are continuously providing cutting edge solutions. An example is the production of a digital environmental impact statement in conjunction with Highways England; an interactive tool which mixes spatial data, web-GIS and media to provide a summarised description of the A303 project. The exciting aspect of my current role is being part of delivering a project in a fast-paced environment with constant challenges. It’s also interesting because I am not limited to learning only things in my area of expertise. The level of support from my team and colleagues is amazing, I can express myself, add value and constantly being asked to give feedback on my projects or provide ideas on how tasks can be more efficiently executed.

AECOM affords me collaboration across different teams, opportunity to meet people, hone my skills, travel across the UK and other countries. The opportunity to link my bachelor’s degree in survey and geoinformatics and masters in geographical information science, working in a GIS team across several disciplines at AECOM has helped me become a more well-rounded person.

The ability to hone my skills in my area of interest in geographical information is a great deal for me and I am currently on the path for a secondment opportunity in Glasgow where I can put some of these skills to use. I am an advocate for supporting teenagers about their career choices, and I had the opportunity to volunteer at Loreto High School, Chorlton talking to students about my experiences and the opportunities at AECOM.

It’s easy to achieve a great work-life balance at AECOM, from the Freedom to Grow scheme to being able to buy more holidays. These allow me, optimize my time and bring my best self to work.