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Graduate Transport Planner

For the last 8 months I was working with the Freight and Logistics team of AECOM, based in the Altrincham office where I was involved in diverse freight projects including ports development, schemes for lorries standards & rules and urban infrastructure for the Greater Manchester area. These projects gave me a solid understanding of the freight sector and the importance of forward planning.

For the last 2 months I’ve worked in the Transport Planning team where I’ve developed my skills in strategic modelling, options appraisal and optimisation, using unique software tools. So far, I have succeeded working on a bid proposal, contributing a significant amount to the team. This project was about the further development of an existing port, with minimum traffic flow close to the main Port of Liverpool. The challenge was to redefine the opportunities of the port in correlation to the trade flows in the greater area in order to maximise the port traffic and footprint. The specific project had great research requirements and significant stakeholders’ dynamics. The last decade the area was established mainly as a chemical hub and as a waste hub. Through extensive research, the team delivered an Action Plan in order to reach the assigned goals. As a part of this project, I recorded, analysed and evaluated the port traffic for a 3-month period, studied the commercial and freight infrastructure of the study area and identified opportunities that would increase the ports’ cargo throughput. 

During my time in the Transport Planning team, I’ve worked as a modeller. The challenge of this position is to deliver tasks on time. A key facilitator is the direct and effective communication with all the parts of the team in order to avoid miscommunication and waste of time to repeat the tasks. Modelling requires the extensive use of software which is time consuming and repetitive. The project we work on now is the HS2, Highspeed Rail, which requires the collaboration of many teams around the country. Having worked in these two teams already, I have experienced great support from my colleagues and my Line Manager. In Transport Planning, where training sessions were necessary, Kristina, my colleague, was willing to devote her time to do my training and assist with every question I had. In addition, the company is strongly encouraging employees to be members of professional bodies such as CILT, for people interested in Logistics and Supply Chain.