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Global Talent by AIESEC is an paid international internship programme for young people seeking to develop themselves both personally and professionally through gaining work experience.

By choosing one of our Global Talent internships, you will get:

  • An International Internship Opportunity
  • Global Talent gives you the chance to take part in an internship in a variety of countries around the world based on the industry you wish to gain experience in. 

From working in large multi-national corporations like …... to SMEs in areas such as Marketing, IT and Business Administration through our Global Talent Programme as well as schools and other educational institutions through our Global Talent - Teach Sub-programme, there are hundreds of different opportunities you can take with AIESEC.

Our top recommended destinations are: Canada, USA, Singapore, Colombia, Mexico, China and Poland.

  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Gain relevant practical experience while working in a company/ institution abroad. 
  • Increase your competitive edge and develop your future career prospects.

Work in a challenging environment that allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and boost your confidence. 

  • A Global Network
  • Gain the opportunity to expand your network in an international setting.
  • You will build valuable connections within and beyond the industry you are in.

Last year only, AIESEC helped 4,856+ students get an internship through the Global Talent Programme around the world.

As well as a professional internship provider, we are a youth organization led by youth for youth. Forget about the daunting internship application processes and feel at ease with our support:

  • Logistics Support: We ensure you get the right visa, arrival pick-up information before your experience and departure instructions post-experience.
  • Clear job description: We accompany you to the workplace on the first day, ensure your job description and goals are clear, and working hours/duration align to the initial description.
  • Safe living conditions: Life and health insurance is mandatory for taking part in AIESEC. You will get information about accommodation and basic living costs.
  • Learning experience: We set clear expectations, provide cultural preparation and facilitate learning spaces before and during experiences.

Our process is simple:

  • Sign up: Build your profile by filling in in your personal details, your skills and background and attach your up to date CV
  • Search: Filter search results to find the perfect opportunity that fits your skills and interests.
  • Interview: Once you find a match, we can start the process of organizing interviews and putting things in place for your internship. Here, your nearest AIESEC office will get in touch with you via email and assign someone to guide you along the way and process your application
  • Confirm and Go: Congratulations! You’ll have made it through the interview. When you are accepted for your desired internship you will then pay our fixed programme fee of £450. From here we’ll help you prepare for your new adventure giving you logistical support as well as cultural preparation.


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    Head Office: London (Opportunities are international and available worldwide)