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Fiona Liao

Computing Graduate

I am a Software Development Engineer for Alexa, Amazon's cloud-based voice service.

After completing two previous internships at Amazon Video, I decided to join Alexa as a Computing graduate.  I really enjoy the exposure to the wide range of products and services being developed at Amazon. Additionally, there are many opportunities to move around the company, when you want to  try working in a different business or role.

My team develops software to help Alexa get smarter and answer more questions, designing and implementing services to do this, and collaborating with other teams to produce impactful features. Our responsibilities also include the operational side of maintaining the service. I believe this aspect is very important, as it ensures we take responsibility of our software and ensure a consistent customer experience.

I enjoy working at Amazon and feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge about software development. There are always challenging issues to solve, and opportunities to experiment with new technologies and ideas. This is especially true for Alexa, as voice assistants are a relatively new development and there are many unsolved problems to work on. As part of the culture at Amazon, you are encouraged to speak up and challenge ideas, and all comments are respected and taken into account. This helps ensure we provide the best customer experience.