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Earn while you study: all about part-time undergraduate roles at Arm

If a good salary, the chance to gain tech experience, a great boost to your CV and the opportunity to work on interesting projects sound appealing, Arm’s part-time undergraduate (PTUG) roles could be perfect for you.

Through their advanced processor designs, Arm’s technology-based chips connect devices such as smartphones, digital TVs, gaming consoles and even supercomputers – their technology literally transforms the way people live their lives. Every year the firm hires part-time undergraduates to teams across different areas of the business. Intrigued? We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions below.

What sort of work would I be doing as a PTUG at Arm?

You’ll be doing project work, acting as an Arm ambassador on your campus (and virtually!), and participating in learning and development relevant to a career at Arm. Throughout your time at university – from your first to your final year – you’ll benefit from getting the best of both worlds, combining theoretical and project-based work.

Will my Arm role impact my studies during term time?

Arm expects its PTUGs to work approximately eight hours per month – that’s only a couple of hours a week on average. You’ll be given the flexibility and freedom to decide how to complete your project tasks.

What about the summer holidays?

During your university summer holiday, you’ll work full-time for Arm, where you’ll be aligned to a business group. What’s great is that you’ll be familiar with the work and you will have already met some of your Arm colleagues during the year.

How will I be supported?

Throughout your PTUG role, you’ll be supported by Arm employees who will get to know you and your interests and help you create a development roadmap unique to your career goals. In addition to career support, Arm aims to create a safe space for you to look after your mental and physical health, with support ranging from medical insurance to the workplace mental health platform Unmind.

What are the benefits of the PTUG role?

You’ll benefit in many ways through taking on a PTUG role at Arm, including:

  • You’ll earn a guaranteed salary throughout your undergraduate degree. 
  • Your CV and self-confidence will be boosted through hands-on experience working in a world-leading technology company alongside talented colleagues while studying. Once you've graduated, you'll have all the skills and experience needed to guarantee a great job in tech.
  • You’ll have fun! There are many social opportunities at Arm, so you’ll also be adding to the network of friends you’ve made at university.
  • You’ll boost your future career prospects. Arm aims to offer many of their PTUGs a graduate position once they have finished their studies. But, if you decide Arm – or a career in tech – aren’t for you, you’ll have picked up invaluable transferable skills and experience.

How do I apply?

First, check out the PTUG roles currently available. The requirements for each PTUG role – such as degree pursued (some roles welcome applicants from any field of study) and programming languages you have experience in – differ, depending on their area of focus.

Arm values candidates who are motivated, able to solve problems independently, technically versatile, willing to be flexible and can demonstrate a genuine interest in what the company does.

To find our more about Arm in general, return to the Arm employer hub.

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