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Nyamebekyere Addae-Dapaah

Why did you apply to Arqiva?

I was attracted to Arqiva because it is a company involved in traditional industries and newer, emerging markets. The variety of projects and opportunities that this affords really appealed to me. Most important to me is the unique position Arqiva holds within the UK-wide smart metering network. By providing communication services for electricity/gas and water networks, Arqiva is helping to lead the way in smart metering across industries.

What you enjoy about working at Arqiva

My assessment day set the tone for what has been a thoroughly enjoyable first few months. Working in a fast-paced environment is complimented by a relaxed and vibrant corporate culture, which ensures that I remain challenged, but not overworked. From spending time in the test labs to having 1-to-1 development conversations and receiving specialised training, working at Arqiva sets the foundation for a great career.

Describe your role (in interesting and exciting terms!)

I am a graduate project planner in the smart metering unit at Arqiva. I support project managers by receiving updates on a wide range of projects and producing plans/reports to aid communication within large projects. My role brings me into contact with every aspect in Arqiva’s smart metering programme and keeps me on my toes. No two days are every the same, from the projects to the individuals involved and the challenges faced, each day brings different learning experiences and successes. Through all these different projects I provide a logical planning structure to support the many workstreams and contribute to the overall success of the project.

Any advice to potential applicants

Show your passion for the role and don’t feel you need to know everything straight away. Showing your interest and the attitude to learn and grow goes a long way.

Take time to consider Arqiva’s values, as these are a part of every role. Having an affinity with them and considering how you display them is very important when looking to start your career at Arqiva.