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Wei Sam

Why did you apply to Arqiva?

During my studies at university, I developed an interest in pursuing a career in the telecoms industry. Arqiva was an ideal place for me to apply because of its rich history and experience in communications infrastructure. The vision, values and outlook of the company were also well aligned with my own goals and meeting some of the engaged individuals at the assessment centre is what really excited me about working here.

What you enjoy about working at Arqiva

What I enjoy the most about working at Arqiva is the of the variation of work. The ever-changing environment of the industry means that you can be working on several projects across a variety of aspects of the business at any one time. There is never a dull moment at Arqiva!

Arqiva also has fantastic facilities and resources that have supported my development through the start of my career. There are endless training opportunities that can help to enhance your experience and qualifications.

Describe your role (in interesting and exciting terms!)

I work in the Product team of the Telecoms business unit. My role is to support the development of products and services that can be marketed to both internal and external customers. I collaborate with various specialist teams within Arqiva as well as other outside parties to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Any advice to potential applicants

Don't be afraid to ask questions about Arqiva so you can get better understanding the sorts of projects that you might be working on!

Keep on learning when you the job or placement and make the most of every training opportunity that you can!