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8.1 / 10

(based on 12 ratings in 2019)


"There is high level of cooperation within the business and among departments. My team socialises together after work and the culture is supportive."
Procurement, Mid level, Enfield
"There's a non-hierarchical structure that's down-to-earth and senior leaders respect the opinions and contributions of people at all levels. Due to people living in lots of different locations, there isn't a huge amount of socialising outside of work."
Graduate, Peterborough
"We have a supportive and collaborative working environment that's down-to-earth and open. We're trusted to work independently but there is a support network in place including a mentor, line manager, graduate sponsor contact and fellow colleagues and graduates."
Graduate, Leigh
"There is quite a divide between the commercial and operational sides of the business with this impacting the culture and, although functional relationships are strong, the cross-functional parts still need work and there is little socilising across the business."
Procurement, Graduate, Biggleswade
"My business has quite a flat structure so there is a lot of respect for all of our team members. I do not feel like I am treated as just a graduate, but more like a valid member of the management structure. There is a very friendly atmosphere at work, especially in the canteen where it feels like you could sit with almost anyone! There isn't a lot of socialising outside of work with the teams that I have worked in, however."
Graduate, Andover
"The culture is very welcoming. There is a very flat hierarchical structure meaning I am empowered to make decisions every day. Everyone wants to work together as a big team and there are many socialising events outside of work."
Procurement, Graduate, Peterborough


"It's a very friendly learning environment with quite a flat hierarchy."
"The culture is really good. Senior management are amiable and keen to get to know everyone. There's a lot of socialising at company held events and out of office activities."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Manchester
"There is a friendly and encouraging culture across ABF. However, the after work culture is somewhat lacking due to the location of the offices."
Graduate, Maidenhead
"A friendly atmosphere where everyone is really welcoming. There is socialising among graduates at training events. However, on site you may be the only graduate."
Graduate, Stevenage
"There's a high focus on individual achievement and taking ownership of your achievements and results. Social outings are always fun and the offices have games days, quizzes, and activities throughout the year that bring the whole office together for some fun alongside the everyday work. Everyone has time to help you out when you're struggling and has a desire for you to learn more and helps you to do that where necessary."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Peterborough
"There's fantastic multi-functional teamwork in projects. Socialising is good but mainly within the work environment. However, some activities outside of work do occasionally occur."
Midlevel, Maidenhead
"The culture can change depending on which site or company you are at. If you are genuine and show a willingness to learn then everyone is very helpful and accommodating. Also, there are opportunities to socialise outside of work as well."
Graduate, London
"Flexible working hours, friendly colleagues and a supportive atmosphere. There's also a lot of teamwork and encouragement in the role. However, because everyone lives relatively far from the office, there's not much of an out-of-hours social culture."
Graduate, London
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