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Green Initiatives

6.9 / 10

(based on 12 ratings in 2019)


"We're working towards new packaging initiatives and reducing the office's carbon footprint. There is work to be done but it is a shared view and culture within the business."
Marketing, Graduate, Brighton
"We have a dedicated corporate social responsibility business partner to improve our 'greenness'. We are also signed up to the WRAP pact."
Graduate, Peterborough
"We are making a more conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint by introducing solar panels, increasing recycling and decreasing wastage of resources such as paper and plastic by using incentives and infographics."
Procurement, Graduate, Brighton
"We have a team that works to reduce our impact on the environment through the packaging etc of the products we make."
Graduate, Peterborough
"I'm very satisfied. The business has a corporate social responsibility business partner and makes a lot of effort to do everything it can to improve."
Procurement, Graduate, Peterborough


"We're the first people to have our bread brand use the carbon trust logo."
Midlevel, Maidenhead
"We have plenty of recycling bins around and there is a cycle to work scheme. I'm not sure what more could realistically be done."
Graduate, London
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