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Interview: Tips & Advice


"I joined through the graduate scheme, which was a two-day assessment centre. My advice for people applying would be to be themselves and throw themselves into it. Prepare by researching the companies, thinking through situations you might have in this work environment and work out what you would do in these situations."
Procurement, Mid level, Enfield
"Show you are willing to learn. The company needs someone who can adapt and is comfortable and honest about knowing very little at the beginning. Ask questions during the interview as it makes you seem more authentic and real. Speak passionately about the brands. You need to demonstrate drive and ambition with a balance of humility. Also, think about situations where you have used analysis and judgement as this is fundamental to a role at ABF."
Marketing, Graduate, Brighton
"There's a written application, a video interview, tests and an assessment centre. The company wants the best out of you and isn't just trying to scare you. My tips are to research ABF, be yourself and understand the values and competencies to see if you fit."
Procurement, Graduate, London
"It was very straightforward, engaging and fun. Be yourself as the business likes character. Obviously research the business but apply what you find to your experience and what you are particularly interested in about the business and in general."
Entry level, Tilbury
"It is quite a rigorous process with an in-depth application form, online tests and a video interview. If you are successful in these stages, you are then invited to a two-day assessment centre. The first day of the assessment centre is all about getting to know the assessors and the other candidates. The next day was separated into four different sessions including a situational judgement interview, a group task, a presentation and a formal interview."
Graduate, Peterborough
"Be yourself. Think about why you are applying for your scheme specifically and the skills you feel make you a good fit for the scheme and ABF. Look on the ABF website and get up to speed with the businesses and brands."
Procurement, Graduate, Peterborough


"Be yourself and don't be afraid to show your personality. Research the company in full – in particular its approach to corporate social responsibility. Have your own point of view and don't be afraid to volunteer."
Marketing, Entry level, London
"It was a standard interview process with an online application, tests, phone interview and then assessment centre. A key tip is to be yourself. The interviewers want to be confident you will fit in well at the company so let them understand your personality. The best way to prepare for the interview is to be passionate about ABF and the brands and to know exactly why you want to work for an FMCG company."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Manchester
"I filled out the online application, had a telephone interview, a Skype interview and then the assessment centre. The assessment centre lasts for a day and a half. The first afternoon is a tour of the site (so you can get a feel for the working environment) before dinner and drinks with the assessors. This helps you to relax ahead of the interviews the next day. There is no technical part to the assessment centre so just come along and be yourself."
Graduate, Stevenage
"Get to know yourself and what you are looking for and just be honest on your CV. They are looking at your personality and your potential so faking it won't get you anywhere. Don't stress. If you are the right person they will want you."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Peterborough
"Get to know ABF. What are our markets, our challenges and successes? Understand yourself. What are your strengths and are you aware of your areas for improvement? Have you done anything about these areas already?"
Midlevel, Maidenhead
"Use the STAR (Situation Task Action Result) approach for any question starting 'tell me about a time when...' and know why you want to work in sales. Think about why you want to work for ABF as a company and where you see your career going in the next five years etc. There will be situational judgement exercises, a motivational interview and behavioural interview. Just be yourself and be honest. They'll hire the candidates that they think will be a good fit for the company."
Graduate, Biggleswade
"Excellent application process. It's open and efficient and you're not left for long periods of time before finding out whether each stage had been passed. The final assessment centre had us up the evening before for dinner and drinks with all the interviewers, meaning we could connect on a social level before the interview the following day. This also meant that by the time we had to perform, we were relaxed and comfortable. ABF is a genuine company and it's very important that you let your personality and character shine through during the process. They do not want to employ robots – they want people, so be honest and open."
Graduate, Home Counties
"Practise for the online tests. Make sure you have a clear indication of what you will be doing over the course of the scheme and why you have the right skills/potential for the job. Understand what you want to get out of your role and be prepared to be proactive in seeking personal development. Think about specific examples of where you have shown particular transferable skills such as teamwork and critical thinking etc."
Graduate, London
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