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7.3 / 10

(based on 12 ratings in 2019)


"Our office is not good and needs an upgrade, but this is planned. The dress code is dress for your day so it's fairly casual."
Procurement, Mid level, Enfield
"Our dress code is informal and the office space is light. The business park location is inconvenient and no offices are based in central London."
Marketing, Graduate, Brighton
"Our dress code is smart casual, but you can wear what you want pretty much as long as you don't have an external meeting. I'd say office space and facilities are average and the locations are not ideal as they are often in the middle of nowhere or in business parks due to the factories."
Graduate, Peterborough
"In Brighton, both brands are housed under one roof so, as the teams are lean, the office space allows everyone enough space for each individual to work. There are three meeting rooms on site and two in an office block behind the main building. As the business expands, we will need more office space but it works well for the moment."
Procurement, Graduate, Brighton
"It varies by site but is generally sufficient."
Entry level, Tilbury
"Our office has a really good canteen and is bright and modern. IT equipment generally works and the place feels happy. The dress code is quite relaxed (varying slightly depending on the team that you work with) and most of us wear jeans to work."
Graduate, Andover


"It depends upon which group. Offices can greatly vary according to location."
Marketing, Entry level, London
"The office I'm in is great. It really reflects the personality of the business. The dress code is 'dress for your day'. This means that, if you are seeing a customer, you will dress smartly but if you're just in the office then it can be more casual."
"The offices are really nice. They're a little out of the way but that is to be expected from a manufacturing base."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Manchester
"The locations are often near factories or quite a bit outside of London. We do have a central London office, which is handy for meetings with clients."
Marketing, Graduate, London
"I work in factory offices so they vary greatly across sites. Dress code can be anything from business wear to t-shirts and work trousers depending on the site. I've not worked anywhere that requires suits."
Graduate, Stevenage
"I've moved to a new office that everyone in the business had an opportunity to help shape. It's in a great location just off the motorway in Peterborough with excellent links to London and the North. The dress code is 'dress for your day', which helps people to feel comfortable at work."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Peterborough
"Offices are generally good. There are no central London locations but most are within an hour of there. I've personally lived in London since joining. The dress code is business casual in some offices, smart casual in others."
Graduate, Home Counties
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